Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Old Project Coming Back to Life

With the Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash just around the corner, I decided this week to take a temporary break from my Iyanden army and get two things accomplished:

1) Make sure everything is ready for Saturday

2) Paint an entry for Golden Kris

Foolishly, I decided to try painting a Leman Russ battle tank from my upcoming Death Korps of Krieg army. If you recall from the ancient days when I first launched Adeptus Malaysia, I had actually started on it a long time ago:

I had this sitting on my hobby shelf since March of last year. Does the paint scheme remind you of a certain someone's Siege of Vraks Legends project...? Yes, it's the same scheme.

For those who don't know what I'm muttering about, a friend and fellow competitor Alvin is currently working on a Chaos IG project the uses the exact same camo scheme. If you don't believe me, check it out here:

Well, since he's doing something with it, and I don't want to be "that guy" and "copy" his scheme, I decided to repaint the model and go with something a little more appropriate for my planned desert theme. Here's the start, which includes the basecoat and a bit of shading:

What do you guys think? If I could've finished it, I wouldn't have posted it. I'd have unveiled it at the Golden Kris. However, it's clear I can't finish it in time with the paintjob that I want, so I figured "Why not post it?". I still have a lot of weathering, decal, and other detail work to do, but you get the picture of what I'm after in this photo. I dig it.

That's it for tonight. Iyanden madness will resume Sunday night with the second Wraithguard squad. For those attending Hobby Night tomorrow, I'll see you there!

Hobby Strong


  1. Dude you got to revive your Deathkorp , then we can have show down with my Cadians, hehe

  2. That is sweet! Tamiya desert yellow works well ...with the classic DAK camo lines ... pity this couldn't make it to the GK

  3. I'm expecting something a lot more marvellous than this tank from you at Golden Kris..knowing your skills, pretty sure it'd be eye-popping..

  4. Holy shizzles! When I saw the tank, I was like, "Hey, I wonder what colours he used for his..."

    and then I was like, "Holy crap! Talk about coincidence!"

    That's what I get from following the Modelling Masterclass paint scheme lol.

  5. @Faizal: You better believe it dude! Now that I basically know what I'm doing when it comes to weathering, rusting, etc. it's finally time to paint my THIRD Death Korps army lol

    @Azlan- Yeah, I really tried but I just got caught up too much with the medals, designing the trophies in Corel, and vastly underestimating the amount of time it would take to paint that tank. Oh well- there's always GK 2011...

    @Iqbal- I appreciate it, but don't think too badly of the tank. It's a WIP in the early stages

    @Alvin- LOL you and me both, dude. I actually used Tamiya Neutral Gray and Tamiya Buff for the colors, but as you can see they are almost a dead nuts match. I'm actually glad you "forced" me to look at another scheme. I think I'm going to be happier with this scheme for desert use, and perhaps more importantly, no need for masking! ;)

  6. nice stuff. but are u gonna do color modulation??? ;) kekeke :)glad 3 see ur airbrushing work becoming the level of all those masters :)

    really love the desert scheme. but camo color choice is abit strange. but thats just me being ams :(

  7. Color modulation... no. As cool as it would be, I'd like to get this army painted within a reasonable timeline.

    I chose the grey simply to match the infantry's great coats, to be perfectly honest. The picture makes it seem like there is less contrast then there really is, but truth be told the grey camo is an aesthetic choice and not one that would necessarily be "real" or "best".

    I was really torn about the scheme, but in the end I wanted the tanks to match the infantry, and I didn't want people to say "Ooh! Tallarn tanks!" when they saw them for the first time.

    Thanks for the kind comments on my airbrushing. I have a long way to go, but it's coming along and I'm happy. Can't wait to really dig into weathering this tank!

  8. oooo.... u'll love the weathering part. i know i love it (abit too much more than i should :P)hmm... desert weathering is really interesting. never done it b4. but seen works on it fantastic stuff.

    I blame flames of war for my ams. i keep going hey that's not a color that's seen in the german army!!! LoL!!! my bad :(

  9. i take the gray camo choice back. it is a fantastic choice. check this out. :)

  10. sorry to spam ur post but tot this would help with ur weathering :)

  11. It's not spam dude- it's great ideas! THANKS!!! I've never done desert weathering before, and those posts are going to be a big help with my efforts. ROOOOOOCCCKKKK!!!!!