Thursday, July 29, 2010

At Last, Proper Army Pics!

After feasting on a delicious bowl of oatmeal for lunch, I headed upstairs and took some pics of my new Iyanden Eldar army while the daylight was still good. They look a lot cooler when they're deployed on a proper wargaming table!

I hope you guys dig 'em- I sure do. Until tomorrow night (and my glorious battle against the Thousand Sons), take it easy...


  1. Finally, some pics that do justice to your models!

  2. Thanks dude! :) The light was a little too bright, actually, and washed out some of the shading detail in the shot, but overall it's all good...

  3. Yes!! Those are damn nice looking eldars man :) Good fluff too. Never thought i'd see a WG army. Am sure there's not many out there.

    Well done bro!!

  4. Those are awesome pics!!
    Iyanden army is a pretty sight indeed.