Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Company Command HQ DONE

Well, I can officially say that one unit in my army is done! Tonight I painted my 2iC SMG team, and that completes the Company Command HQ. Tomorrow's goal is finishing 1st Platoon's four halftracks. See you then!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Progress Tracker Up!

While I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I should have, I have reignited my hobby spark and gotten things going. It's been motivating to make the posts and get feedback from you guys- much appreciated! Every night I make any progress at all, I'll update the above project tracker and repost (along with pics of the finished stuff of course!)

No model pics tonight, but expect some progress in the next couple of days. I did get a bunch of infantry stands puttied up, and black primer airbrushed on my 2iC and the first platoon's halftracks. I don't normally hobby on Mondays, but I might make an exception. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll leave you tonight with the tune I've been listening to while typing this. Good stuff!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

More (Painfully Slow) German Progress

All I painted today was this 2iC motorcycle team. Ugh.

I've gotta go WAY faster if this is going to get done. Hopefully getting back into the painting/blogging habit will nurture this furtive spark of creative progress. We shall see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

German EW Panzerschutzen Company Progress

It's not a whole lot of progress, but progress is progress folks. I'll take it!

Been fiddling around with the paint job, and for this army I've found the happy medium between speed vs. quality. I'll leave you tonight with more pics, and with any luck lots more over the coming weeks...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Video Setup

Recently, my wife got an early birthday present in the form of a Canon S100- a fairly high end point and shoot camera. While playing around with it, I thought I'd try using it and a few fluorescent desk lamps to see what kind of painting tutorial video I could shoot. WOW is the result. For comparison, here's an old video I did for Battlefront almost a year ago:

You can definitely see the difference in resolution, horizontal bar artifacts from the lights, and focusing problems. There's virtually none of that using the S100, and the color is much more vibrant and not so washed out. I'm thrilled, and looking forward to doing more over the coming weeks...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

About... FACE!

Well, at lunch today Khairul and I were doing some campaign planning, and we noticed that we had 6 confirmed Allied players, and only three confirmed German ones. So, we both decided to just over to the dark side and paint up German lists. He's going for the Luftlandesturmkompanie from Burning Empires; that is going to be AWESOME to see 10+ gliders on the table.

As for me, I'll be doing a Panzerschutzenkompanie, with three full platoons riding in style (see above) and all their assorted backup. I never thought two StuG A assault guns could be so scary (or expensive) in an army list!

I got my Company HQ assembled and puttied up tonight, so tomorrow after work I'll have a go at painting them. Pics tomorrow one way or another... I promise!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Resurrecting the French

After finishing the Bagration campaign a few weeks ago, my thoughts immediately turned to starting another Flames of War campaign on Hobby Nights. We really enjoyed ourselves (despite the Soviet defeat!), and thought it would be fun to run another campaign that's limited to the actual combatants involved. So, "Case Yellow" will be our next one starting on the first Friday of September, allowing only French, British, and German early war armies (preferably from Blitzkrieg).

Loyal AM devotees will recall a series of French posts I made a while back, which unfortunately petered out as interest waned. Truth be told, in retrospect I wasn't too keen on the bases I made for the army, and I didn't care for the basecoat + wash concept I painted the army with.

So, starting tonight I've gone back to square one and come up with something better. It's a nice compromise between speed and appearance methinks. Tomorrow I'll post up some pictures and record my progress as I work towards September's campaign. See you then, with pics!