Friday, December 17, 2010

"Da Secret Project" Comes to Life

My forays in video making at last can see the light on Battlefront's brand new YouTube channel. If you're interested in learning cool, easy ways to paint your Flames of War tanks, subscribe to this channel and check out the videos I'll be making and posting. :)

Flames of War YouTube Channel

Thanks for checking it out folks!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pre Heresy Word Bearers Stuff

I finished this master up last night, and given the results of my past green stuff efforts, I'm happy with this. I've never been very good with green stuff, but I think I've got a reasonable icon that shows a flame springing from the pages of a book. This is the icon that the Word Bearers Legion sported before they turned traitor.

I used a Chaos Space Marine plastic pad for the base, since it's got rivets and more of a "pre heresy look". I trimmed off the bottom "spike" of plastic, and left the other one in place for variety.

So, I'll try casting a few of these up and painting one up as a test model. In the meantime, it's more work on them as well as my loathsome goat men!