Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HRR 21, Day 37

Days Remaining: 5

Models Remaining: 3

Tonight I have painted the "twin brother" of Spiritseer Valdanoch, a strikingly similar Spiritseer Hegemesh...

As luck would have it, I wasn't able to get my hands on three different Warlock models equipped with witchblades. So, I tried to paint this Spiritseer with a dramatically different paint scheme then his "twin", in an effort to make the use of the same model not so noticeable. I think I've pulled it off. What do you guys think?

Tomorrow, I think I'll get started on Prince Yriel, and maybe even finish him. Time to paint a model and spend a good amount of time on it...


  1. inverse order! simple and effective. Nice. The shading on the helm looks really good

  2. Exactly! :)

    I can't say enough about how awesome oil paints are when it comes to shading stuff, like the helmet. I'm really happy with it as well, and it was dead easy. You should consider trying it yourself sometime!

  3. You are a monster dude!! Only 3 models to go..Won't even comment on the top-notch quality of your painting. Well done bro!! An inspiration to us all.

    @Lan- we should have another eldar vs imperium apoc game to remind the mon-keighs of their place. Between Dann, you n me i'm sure we can muster transport for those 30 WGs. Drop them in the middle of their forces. Unless they decide to open another disco somewhere near the table edge again hehehe ala Soi Cowboy.

    @Jeff- bro, am thinking of getting some oils this week for the project. Maybe box of basic colours, brushes, solutions etc. Your advise is much appreciated. Should get a book on basic oils too huh..

  4. Grab that basic oil set, along with a palette, some synthetic brushes (the oils will stain your sable brushes so don't use them, and a container of odorless mineral spirit. As far as books on the subject, I'm a big fan of this one:

    Also, I use child sized cotton buds for cleaning up the excess oil quickly, but you can use a brush and have more control to boot. Right now I'm a bit more concerned with speed :)

    Nick and Soo Jinn have a wealth of info to offer on the subject as well- be sure to hit them up for the knowledge. They both helped me!