Thursday, July 8, 2010

HRR 13, Day 25

Days Remaining: 17

Models Remaining: 36

Excellent progress tonight! :)

I undercoated the Guardian squad and upper grav platform half Tamiya Flat White. I then airbrushed them all VGC Gold Yellow as per normal. I then applied my standard Future floor polish to all the models, again with an airbrush. Before putting the airbrush away I also undercoated the lower half of the grav platform in GW Regal Blue (not shown in pics)

I drybrushed the lower half of the platform first with GW Enchanted Blue, then very lightly with GW Space Wolves Grey. I painted the vents on the upper side black and then highlighted with VMC Gunmetal Grey. I then assembled the grav platform base (shown above).

Finally, I applied my oil pin wash of Rowney Artists' Chrome Orange 626 to all of the Guardians and the upper half of the assembled grav platform. With that, I called it a night to let the oils dry thoroughly. Without a doubt, a good night's progress!

Hobby Strong

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