Sunday, July 25, 2010

HRR 23, Day 42

Days Remaining: 0

Models Remaining: 0

WOO HOO! I'm done! I finished the Farseer about an hour ago. Here he is...

I decided on a strong black theme, with the idea of matching Prince Yriel a bit. I figure if he's black and "in charge", the Farseer should reflect the same thing. Blue and yellow are still very prominent, but the black and metallic colors tie the Farseer in with Yriel nicely. At least, I think so!

It's not the greatest shot, but here's the entire, completed army in all its glory:

It feels good, folks! Six weeks of pretty solid effort have resulted in an army that I'd play anytime without reservation. This Friday, I've got my first matchup against Azlan and his dread Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines. Wish me luck!


  1. Awesome effort man!! Cant wait to see it in person.

    Well done again.

  2. Thanks guys- much appreciated for stopping by the blog and checking it out. :)

    I'm just glad it's done!

  3. simple and effective! Love the army! Hope to expand my warhost to a spirit host one day too.

    Good luck against the 1k sons. It'll be one heck of a battle!

  4. Holy cow- Vince! You rarely grace my blog with your comments- thanks for popping by :) We're definitely going to do a writeup/batrep of some sort, so check it out when we get it posted.

    What have you been working on these days?

  5. Congratulations dude! awesome job! inspires me to start my own for the O&G!

    Looking forward to the next thing in the pipeline :)

  6. You definitely should try blogging a new army. It's a lot of fun, and you really feel like you're making tangible progress when you fill in the "little green boxes" and post pics. It's awesome. I'd love to follow your progress with a greenskin horde...

  7. maddnessssss!!!!! Awesome stuff dude!!!!