Thursday, July 22, 2010

HRR 22, Day 39

Days Remaining: 3

Models Remaining: 2

You'll have to take my word for it that this model looks A LOT better in person, but hey, them's the breaks. Tonight I painted Prince Yriel:

He was fairly time consuming- I put in 3+ solid hours on this guy, which included a failed attempt at blending oil paints on the blade of his spear. I tried and tried to get a blue/white gradient going on that thing, and suffice it to say I need work on my technique. When I wiped it down with some mineral spirits and a cotton bud, I ended up with a funky blue/black "mini gradient" which I rather liked. So, I kept it.

Two more models to go folks- this one is almost in the books. Tomorrow, after I finish work and start the weekend with a mighty Indian food feast, I'm going to paint up the last Spiritseer. That gives me the weekend to bust out the Farseer at some point.

Thanks for tuning in- tune in this weekend for the final hobby showdown!


  1. Yriel is a bad-ass model, i think there's no argument there

  2. Nice painting as usual. And he's a monster in cc as well. Tell me abt the first time u use his ability huh.

    Saving the sword technique for next project? Have u actually tried it?

    2 models to go....great job bro!!!

  3. Hey thanks for the comments guys. Almost done.

    I'm going to try the new sword technique with my Death Korps officers. They all carry power weapons, so that should be sweet... :)

  4. They need to have more Eldar with bare heads. This guy looks great!