Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avenging Sons Veteran COMPLETE

Well, with these pics I think this project is official! I love the paint scheme, it's something new, and it works will with the dark muted city rubble base. Up next, I'm going to paint a Land Speeder Storm that's been on my shelf since I bought it the week it came out. It needs a paint job, and it may as well be Avenging Sons!

Thanks for checking it out- C&C most welcome folks...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Avenging Sons Progress (WIP)

After writing the script for the Turn 5 update of the Ghemehaal: Annilation series of videos, I went back to my test model for the Avenging Sons. Last night after my blog post I sprayed a gloss varnish on the model (Future floor polish through my airbrush), then applied cobalt blue oil washes along all the detail areas.

Today I did the cleanup of those washes with a brush and some mineral spirits, and then highlighted the blue with a 50/50 mix of VGC Electric Blue and White. I think I'll highlight one more time, very lightly, with pure white. It should pop nicely with that. For the first time I tried a bit of weathering with some scattered "chips" of VMC German Grey, highlighted underneath with the same 50/50 blue mix.

I painted the eyes, completed assembly, blacked out areas that will be black or metallic, and then sprayed VMA Matte Varnish on the model. I attached him to the base and called a night. I love the contrast between the base and the model- they really pop, and it will even more when I do the final white highlights and finish the remaining detail. I think this project is starting to get legs...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Avenging Sons Test Model WIP

Now, before you say something along the lines of, "What about your Krieg, videos, etc...?". I know. I know! I just can't help myself, and I've had this idea in the back of my hobby brain since the Forge World Taros Campaign book came out. I can't help but think that light blue marines on cityfight rubble bases would look SWEET! Tonight I used a mask I cut for myself for the cross crosslet chapter icon, and airbrushed a basecoat of VGC Electric Blue (with a little Vallejo Thinner chucked in there for flow). I love it! I'm going to finish this test model, and make the call whether I'm going to go off the deep end and start painting Marines again.

What do you guys think? Potential, or no....?

VIDEO- 40K Campaign "Ghemehaal: Annihilation" Turn 4

Video update/batrep for our 40K campaign- thanks in advance for checking it out!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I FINALLY Sorted the Video Editing Problem

Apparently A LOT of Sony Vegas users have similar problems with "low memory" errors, and I was no different. Fortunately, I found a video tutorial that showed how to change the registry of Vegas to make it fully utilize ALL of the RAM my computer has. As soon as I did, the low memory errors stopped and I had no problem editing and rendering a very late Turn 3. Assuming all goes well, I'm going to put in hobby overtime this week and try to get Turns 4 and 5 done by Friday. Thanks for being patient campaign players! :)