Monday, July 12, 2010

HRR 15, Day 29

Days Remaining: 13

Models Remaining: 24

I didn't get quite as much done tonight as I had hoped. Basically, all I managed to do was undercoat the bases black, and start painting the black sections on the squad.

It doesn't look like much, but in my defense the black stage is the most time consuming. The results could have been worse for tonight. :)

On a separate note the voting looks pretty tight right now on 40K Malaysia. At the time of this writing, only three people have voted! I guess interest from several parties has started to wane, which isn't totally unexpected given the long timeframe involved with this cool event. Regardless, I'm going to finish this army!


  1. talk about industrious! really looking forward to seeing this army on the table. it's been talked about a lot, but i've yet to see 30 wraithguards deployed in all their glory. Indeed, I don't know if it's actually been done anywhere

  2. I've never seen an all-wraith army painted and on the table. I'm sure someone somewhere must have done it, but I've never seen it. This should be a hoot when I'm done! :)