Monday, July 26, 2010

Old School Cool

Recognize this? In case you don't, this is a VND-3L Vindicator Battlemech, one of several other 'mechs I recently picked up from the nice chaps at Noble Knight Games. Almost to the month, it's been exactly 20 years since I last played a game of Battletech. WOW.

Kai, a member of the staff here at Battlefront, has also picked up some 'mechs. We're going to get them painted up, and have some retro fun within the next couple of hobby nights. I'm actually really excited to play again- we're keeping it "old school" and playing The Succession Wars era of the Battletech timeline. So, no clan or wacky weirdness like that.

Before you all groan and roll your eyes, no, I haven't forgotten about Krieg at all. These 'mechs will take me a few days at most to knock out, and once they are done I'm straight on to the Death Korps. However, this is a nice "treat" or diversion from the Iyanden grind I just finished, and for minimal effort I'll have a nice little Davion-aligned mercenary company (fluff as yet undetermined) to play some games with. If you're interested and game here locally, by all means grab your 'mechs and come on down to play. At the very least, it should be an awesome stroll down memory lane...


  1. I've never played battlemech. How's the system?

  2. The system is excellent. I forwarded you a link of the basic rules, as well as some other cool stuff that Kai was kind enough to send my way. It's an "I go, you go" system that forces the player to balance movement, weapons fire, and the heat that both things generate. It's fantastic, and you could try it out with cardboard cutouts if you like.

    If you're interested in playing the next time to come to town, why not paint up a few? You'd only have to paint 5 or 6 models and you'd have what you need to play. I have fond memories of the game, and I don't expect to be disappointed when Kai and I get around to playing our first game...

  3. Wow. Haven't seen these mechs in ages. I think some guys used to play this at Balau ages ago

  4. Yeah, it's a trip eh? :)

    Last night I watched a movie, and plucked foam from my Feldherr trays to accommodate my new Iyanden army. I think the whole army will actually fit in that backpack, believe it or not!

    Tonight I'm going to start (and maybe finish) painting the first 'mechs of my mercenary company.

  5. I'm looking forward to some laser and autocannon broadsides myself. The most interesting thing about playing without Clan/Star League technology, otherwise known as "Level 1" tech in the old days, is that heat buildup has to be carefully managed - you can't go shooting lasers and PPCs willy-nilly. If you've been spoiled by the more advanced tech like double heat sinks, you won't understand how important heat used to be in the Succession Wars period.

    For the glory of House Kurita!