Thursday, June 30, 2011

DKOK Engineer Chimera WIP

Working on the track detail for the assault ramps here- since the bins will not be used I need to add detail there myself. Thin plasticard and a green stuff chip filled in nicely, methinks. This should paint up pretty good!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden Kris 2011 Entry Montage

This past weekend our club held our annual "Golden Kris" painting competition, traditionally done as part of our birthday celebration. We've been a club now for three years (WOW), and we had a great time running a huge Apocalypse battle along with Golden Kris.

Here's a video montage of all the entries and winners this year. I was lucky enough to get my first Golden Kris this time around after falling a bit short last year. There were some great entries, particularly Carl's work, so I'm very flattered that the judge saw fit to make my Death Korps squad the winning entry.

Anyway, enjoy, and starting today or tomorrow latest I'll be covering the conversion, assembly, and painting of my Engineer Chimera....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Death Korps of Krieg Engineers DONE

This took me a bit longer than expected, but there is a lot more cool detail on these minis than the standard trooper. I also spent far too much time over the last few days trying to verify all the HVTs in Mercenaries 2 ALIVE. Damn video games.

Anyway, here's some pics- hope you enjoy and thanks for checking in. Up next- the Engineer Chimera!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Engineers Progress

I've managed to get in a few hours of painting over the last couple of days:

Painted gas masks and leggings VGC Extra Opaque Heavy Brown

Painted pants and gloves VGC Charred Brown

Painted belts, pouches, bags, and straps VGC Extra Opaque Heavy Sienna

Painted left shoulder pads Vallejo UK Bronze Green Primer. I did this to connect them with the Bane Wolf as part of the overall Engineering Korps.

Krak grenades and wire spool (pictured above) VGC Scarlett Red

Painted armor, knee pads, and helmets VMC German Grey.

That's it up to this point. I only have a few more areas to cover before doing the washes and a bit of highlighting. After that it's the bases and that will take care of the first five members of the squad. I'm waiting on an order from FW for the remaining five, so if I get these done and they still haven't shown, I'll go ahead and start in on the Engineer's Chimera.

I'll leave you with a couple more pics, showing my Engineer with Flamer conversion. The flamer is from the Elysian weapons pack, and the hose is from Dragonforge Design. Basic, I know, but it does get the job done. With any luck I'll get these guys finished before the weekend is over...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Started with the Krieg Engineers

Didn't get a whole lot of progress done unfortunately- I had "The Unit" playing on my PC as I worked, and ended up paying too much attention to the show and not to cranking out the models!

Tonight I got the following done:

Primed all five with my airbrush using Vallejo Black Primer. It's great stuff, ready to go out of the bottle with no dilution necessary. If you own an airbrush, you should really check their range out.

Airbrushed their coats with Vallejo Model Air Gray Primer

Painted hose fittings, gas mask respirators, as well as some metal detailing on the grenade launchers, krak grenades, and melta bombs with Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass.

That, unfortunately, is it. Tomorrow I'll get a lot more done. Here's a couple of closeups of the work thus far:

Before I sign off for the evening, I'll show you a shot of something I'm working on for the Engineer's Chimera:

What you see here is a kit bashed light bridging "assault ramp"- the first of two that I'm going to make. This one will be done once I add some rivet detailing along the sides. These will hang along the sides of their Chimera in place of the stowage bins that normally occupy that space. I've got an old Chimera that has the stowage bins as separate bits- the current one doesn't offer that option.

I'm also strongly considering modeling up a trailer for the Chimera, believe it or not. I thought it might be cool to have something to carry pioneering equipment like mine sweepers, razor wire, explosives, etc. I could also put a big promethium tank in the trailer, and model some braided hose that is connected to the Chimera. Since I've got their Chimera (or will have) equipped with a hull mounted heavy flamer, it only makes sense to have a steady fuel supply, right? The trailer would be a kind of half British Crocodile trailer/half supply wagon. It looks good in my mind's eye, anyway. We'll see how it pans out.

See you guys tomorrow!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Bane Wolf DONE

I got on a roll this weekend and managed to bust it out quick! I love this model, and I really think the pics on the GW site do not do it justice for the amount of cool detail that's present, particularly in the back.

I went with UK Bronze Green on the stripes to indicate the Chemical Korps. So, the markings show vehicle #1, 15th Company Chemical Korps. Black I'll keep with infantry.

Up next, my squad of Krieg Engineers aka Veterans (Demolitions). Should be a hoot! Until then, here's some more pics of the Bane Wolf. Thanks for checking them out- comments most welcome!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Bane Wolf Starts Tonight

Tonight I've completed all the sub-assemblies for my Death Korps Bane Wolf. I mean, c'mon, why would I NOT include a chemical warfare option in my armored company list? I think it would just be wrong.

The reasons I've started this next after finishing the first Chimera are two fold:

1) Now that I've established the method to paint all of my vehicles, I want to do another one right away to cement it in my brain.

2) One of the forums I like to check out, The Serpent's Lair, runs monthly painting contests that are themed around choices from the force organization chart. For May, the theme was HQ. I entered my White Consuls Chaplain and got thoroughly trounced- you can check out the competition thread here. I want to take another crack at this contest with my Bane Wolf. June's theme is Fast Attack, and the Bane Wolf certainly qualifies for that.

So, over the coming days I'll post pics of my progress every day I work on it. With any luck, I'll get this done within a week and move on to an infantry squad. I was thinking perhaps trying out my Engineers... :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Chimera COMPLETE!

Huzzah! Considering this is the first 28mm scale vehicle that I've weathered, I'm really pleased with the results. Comments/criticism are welcome!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

NOW We're Cookin'

I like this option MUCH better for the unit identification. The black color is for 1st Platoon, and the "15" is for the 15th Armored Company. The "1" on the turret is for 1st Squad. I also made a stencil for the top hatch. Having markings to help prevent being strafed by friendly air power makes sense, but it also has the benefit of looking cool :)

Afterwards I gave each rivet a sepia wash, and then drybrushed the whole vehile in VGC Bonewhite. I'll do some paint chipping with a sponge, smoke on the exhausts and gun barrel, and finally some dust along the lower third of the hull. Oh and of course I'll paint and attach the tracks!

This should be done by Friday- cross your fingers!