Sunday, July 11, 2010

HRR 14, Day 28

Days Remaining: 14

Models Remaining: 24

Good progress this week, without a doubt. I got the Guardians squad completely finished, along with their scatter laser grav platform. Incidentally, I magnetized the platform for future weapon swaps, making sure the polarity orientation matches the Wraithlords weapon points for maximum versatility. I also painted one more Wraithguard- this one from the third squad. I basically made sure I got him done so I could finish 50% of my models by today, thus giving me bonus points in the 40K Malaysia forums challenge. Good stuff.

I hope your hobby endeavors this weekend were fruitful and excellent! Until next time, hobby strong folks...


  1. showing off your maple leaves? :)


  2. Hah! Yeah, I have to admit I dig those leaves, as well as the Silflor tufts. So cool! :)