Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Done- I'm Alive

Well, I had a nice long weekend to relax with family here in Malaysia. I had turkey, and got a chance to crack out on Borderlands and get away from hobby for a while. It was great, and now I'm chomping at the bit to get going again.

Pics of my WIP Penitent Engine will be coming soon, but for now I'll leave you with a clip most of you have probably already seen. Considering it's college students and other volunteer enthusiasts, this is pretty badass...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick Update

Well, yesterday the first batch of Witch Hunter models finally showed up from GW. I've primed and based my Priest, and I cleaned up all the metal for my first Penitent Engine. That model is going to be a bitch to assemble- it will definitely require a lot of pinning to make sure it doesn't collapse under its own weight.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the Priest done and can post some pics. If successful, he'll be the first model done in my Kindred list.

How are you guys coming along? Has anyone else actually started work on their Kindred list?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I haven't gotten much done on the computer over the last week (in fact virtually nothing), but I have gotten some hobby deeds accomplished. I've also committed myself to a new project for the upcoming "Kindred" Legio Hobby Tournament. More on that in a sec.

Flesh Tearers

I've been doing mostly jump pack assembly work along with a few individual jump pack troops. The most significant thing I've done lately is rig my first Dreadnought Drop Pod with rare earth magnets. I've placed these at the center top of all three doors, with a matching magnet in the upper engine assembly. Hopefully once the drop pod is assembled, the magnets will keep the doors from unexpectedly dropping open. We'll see.

As you'll read in the next two entries, the Flesh Tearers are going to get placed (temporarily) on the back burner. Given the upcoming Iron Painter and Doubles Tournament, two projects have taken precedence. First let's check out my upcoming Iyanden Eldar

Craftworld Iyanden Eldar for Iron Painter

Here's the first complete test model, which I'm a bit disappointed with. The model took too long- almost an hour to paint. If I'm going to get the Iron Skull by painting 1000 points, I'm going to have to speed this up A LOT.

The other problem is the paint job- it's not really up to snuff for what I usually do. The highlights are a bit extreme, and not as crisp as I'd like. Speeding up AND improving the paint job could prove to be difficult. I'm going to have a think on this and see what I can manage.

Ordo Hereticus Strike Force for the "Kindred" Doubles Tournament

I'm VERY excited about this project! I'm partnering up with Azlan, who's going to do up an ad hoc Imperial Guard force. The theme we're going for goes something like this:

A critical Imperial hive city has been invaded by a massive, overwhelming horde of Chaos renegades. The city is about to fall, with virtually all of it completely under Chaos control. A badly mauled force of the "Order of Our Penitent Lady", an Order Minoris of the Adepta Sororitas, have taken temporary refuge in the lawless underhive. There, they come across a ragtag group of gangers, refugees, and even some retired Imperial Guard who want to fight, but don't know what to do.

The Canoness then swears an oath that if these people will set aside their differences and fight with her and her Sisters of Battle, victory can still be won. The citizens agree and together the unlikely force storms off into the hive to deliver Imperial retribution!

I think it sounds pretty cool myself, and I've already got the models coming my way. I'll be using a Canoness, a Priest, a squad of standard Sisters, and some other choices that should sufficiently reflect the character of the Order of Our Penitent Lady... ;)

While I was running the Wild Card tournament I completed 7 25mm round base masters and 1 dreadnought sized base master for molding. I made these bases with plasticard and bitz to represent the hive city streets. Once the molds are done I'll cast them in resin, and both Azlan and I will use these bases for our armies as a way to unify them. Should be cool- once my SoB figs show up I'll get something done straight away so you can see the scheme I'm going for and the bases in action.

So, that's about it. How are your plans coming along for the doubles tournament? How about Iron Painter?