Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HRR 18- Day 33

Days Remaining: 2

Models Remaining: 0

I'm done! WOO HOO! What a relief! I even finished a bonus Chaos Spawn!

Unfortunately, my joy has been tempered by a disappointing hobby problem. I tried to assemble my cool Sorceror in Terminator Armor, and the sprue is missing the critical waist piece that the legs and torso are attached to. Gone- pfft! Very frustrating.

So, I'm going to prostrate myself before GW Customer Service and beg them for a replacement. We'll see if they show mercy- otherwise I need to make alternate arrangements. Anyone have a spare set of plastic Chaos Terminator legs? :D

Well, that's the end of my hobby rush- I hope you enjoyed following along. Now that I'm done, I've decided to start working on Flesh Tearers. I need to get another Imperial force done. In the meantime, I wish you all luck with your own hobby projects, and I'll post pics of my FT models once I get going.

Cheers, and for the last time...

"Keep it Stinky"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HRR 17- Day 32

Days Remaining: 3

Models Remaining: 15

Huzzah! I have dipped the last model for The Unclean. At last, this project is virtually done. In fact, I even basecoated and dipped a Chaos Spawn as well! Bwahahaah!

For tomorrow, the plan is to go ahead and matte/base all the models that are dry. If I have time, I'm also going to assemble a Chaos Sorceror in Terminator Armour. I figure since I have two of those boxed sets, I may as well make a psyker to advise Lord Minthras!

Thursday I will matte varnish and base the models I dipped today. I'll also paint the Sorceror- since his armor will be black and rusted steel (he used to be the 3rd Company Chaplain), I don't need to give him the dip. With him and the spawn done, that makes a 2K army no problem. Yee hah!

Monday, September 28, 2009

HRR 16- Day 31

Days Remaining: 5

Models Remaining: 15

I'm so close I can taste it.

In order to maximize the usefulness of my hobby time, I spent my entire available evening basecoating as many Plague Marines as possible from the last squad. I painted green basecoats on all seven, and completely finished the basecoats and dipped three of them. This puts me in a great position to finish the last four basecoats tomorrow. Whee!

Wednesday and Thursday will then be wide open to do the easy part- matte varnish and basing. I'm also seriously considering getting a Chaos Sorceror in Terminator Armor assembled, basecoated, and dipped this week as well. I'd like to try him out as an alternative HQ for some campaign games. We'll see, I guess....

Keep it Stinky

Sunday, September 27, 2009

HRR 15- Day 30

Days Remaining: 6

Models Remaining: 15

This is it. The home stretch!

In reality, I have the last Plague Marine squad to go. I basecoated the bases of the Terminator Champion and the second Plague Marine squad. Tomorrow after work I'll drybrush the bases, glue static grass, and paint the rims black on all of them. That will effectively leave me with 7 models to go.

Since I need to leave 2 days for the dip drying time, that essentially leaves me Monday and Tuesday to get the last squad basecoated. If I can, I'm going to try and knock all of that out tomorrow and be done with it. I'll keep updates going here. It feels great being almost done with this project- it's been a long time since I planned and executed a real "hobby rush"...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glorious Hobby Night

Fourteen models! Gwaarrrrggghhhhh!!!

That's how many models I somehow managed to basecoat last night at Hobby Night. The last seven plague zombies and the second squad of Plague Marines all got basecoated, and I dipped them before I hit the hay. All of them will get matte varnished and based tomorrow, leaving only the last Plague Marine squad to finish. Huzzah!

My primary computer is down right now so I can't update my cool Excel sheet, but as soon as I can I will definitely post it. Until then, keep it stinky!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squad Gorsha Complete

Led by Gorsha, formerly Brother Sergeant Gorsha of the Angels of Redemption. Their standard bearer, Imsis, cut out his own eyes so he might hear Nurgle's whispers better and thus guide the squad to victory and damnation in equal measure. They have just deployed from their Rhino, "Bane of Angels".

Defiler Done

I'm still working to get a lot more done today, but here's the completed beast!

Praise the Plague Lord!

Monday, September 21, 2009

HRR 14- Day 24

Days Remaining: 12

Models Remaining: 29

Well, truth be told I'm a little behind where I want to be at this point. I'm HOPING that I can actually get the entire finished by this Friday the 25th. I'd love to play some test games before the launch of the league and the Arenxis Campaign. However, that's going to take some serious hobby dedication over this holiday week.

Since Hobby Night, I've been spending time with family for the most part. I did get a key piece completely basecoated and dipped- the Defiler. This was a relatively tough nut to crack, and I'm really glad it's almost behind me. Once the dip dries I just need to do some rusting and weathering, with a matte varnish. That will complete all of the vehicles in the army.

So, the bulk of the infantry remains. Tuesday and Wednesday will tell the tale, and determine whether or not I can play with my army this Friday. My plan for tomorrow is to finish the Chaos Terminator Squad, AND complete another squad of Plague Marines (basecoat and dip, of course). If I can do that, I can then paint the final Plague Marine squad and the final zombie squad Wednesday, and that will take care of everything. Easier typed than done, so wish me luck...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

HRR 13- Day 22

Days Remaining: 14

Models Remaining: 29

Well, I have to say I was expecting a little more out of my Hobby Night time. I only got two Plague Marines basecoated and dipped, and I'm a little over halfway done basecoating my Defiler. I really thought I was going to finish that model last night, but I sorely underestimated the amount of effort and detail in it. The next Defiler I build and paint will be done MUCH differently, believe me.

I'm slightly behind in my "two models per day" pace, but the numbers are a little deceiving. The last 7 zombies are only about 45 min to an hour's work, and two of the models unaccounted for have been dipped and just need to get dry.

Things are looking good. I keep this up, and I will be good to go for the league and the Arenxis Minoris Campaign...

Keep it Stinky

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HRR 12- Day 20

Days Remaining: 16

Models Remaining: 32

Well folks, I'm pleased to say I'm back on schedule with a solid after work hobby session. I got three more Plague Marines from the first squad completely basecoated and dipped. This includes the Icon Bearer- by far the most difficult model to paint with the extra detail. I'm pleased with it- word!

Here's a couple of pics of my budding, rusty motor pool. The new Rhino is the one on the left. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Tuesday a Total Loss

Unfortunately, I accomplished nothing at all last night. My wife and I were invited to buka puasa at the Legends Hotel last night. It wasn't bad, though I have to say the satay wasn't the best I've had here in Malaysia. We didn't get home until after 10, and by that point I was too beat to head into the hobby room for painting.

So, where does that leave things? I am slightly behind at this point. I need to basecoat and dip 3 Terminators and/or Plague Marines tonight to get back on track. It shall be done!

Monday, September 14, 2009

HRR 11- Day 18

Days Remaining: 18

Models Remaining: 32

Well, I was a bit beat today so I only managed to put the finishing touches and matte varnish the second Rhino. So, only one more model is added to my books. Oh well. For vehicles, I only have the Defiler left to paint now.

So, starting tomorrow it's all about Terminators and Plague Marines. I'm tentatively planning the upcoming Hobby Night to basecoat the Defiler. So, it's time for some real Chaos Astartes work...

Weekend of Rest

Well folks, I did absolutely nothing to further the cause of Papa Nurgle over the weekend. I chilled out, went to a birthday party, and ate delivery Indian food. Hopefully, this doesn't kill me over the long haul!

Did anyone get any good hobby done this weekend?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Praise the Dark Gods!

I have to say, every Hobby Night seems to be better than the last. I had a great time hanging out with Iqbal and Ivan, hobbying away on the final model of my army. I'm pleased to say that I managed to assemble, prime, and basecoat the Chaos Rhino at Hobby Night, and I dipped it this morning. That now means that every single model in my new army has at least been assembled and primed. Surely, a worthy milestone in my budding service to the Plague Father.

I'll post up a Hobby Rush Report (HRR) later tonight. Today's goal is to get two Chaos Terminators basecoated and dipped. I think I'm going to save the last pack of plague zombies for later, as a "break" since they're much easier than Terminators or Plague Marines to finish.

I'm looking forward to the league, and for those also trying to get armies finished I sincerely wish you the best of luck. If you're working on a new army, or adding new units, and reading this blog, post a comment and let me know how your project is coming along. I love to hear about others in the same boat as me! :)

Keep it Stinky

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HRR 10- Day 14

Days Remaining: 22

Models Remaining: 33

Well, I had hoped to get more progress done beyond finishing the five zombies I dipped last night and the Rhino, but this was not to be. Still, getting another six models done is an accomplishment that I'll take and run with at this point.

Tomorrow night I'm planning to get my final Chaos Rhino assembled, primed, and hopefully basecoated...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HRR 9- Day 13

Days Remaining: 23

Models Remaining: 39

Huzzah! I've cracked the 40 model barrier with a little bit of "dip luck". When I started hobbying this evening I checked yesterday's dip, and discovered that the Chaos Marine and 3 plague zombies were all completely dry. I didn't have to wait two days- sweet! The Rhino was still a little tacky, so that's going to be tomorrow night's primary project.

After finishing off those dry models with matte varnish, detailing, and basing, I started another batch of zombies. I managed to get five more zombies basecoated and dipped- all in about an hour. I now only have one pack of 7 zombies left to basecoat and finish off, which is a great place to be time wise. Here's a pic of the zombies done thus far...

I imagine the Rhino is going to occupy most of my time tomorrow night. If I can, I'm going to prime the left side of the Defiler white and get that thing ready for a basecoat and dip this weekend. I should also assemble and prime my second and final Chaos Rhino at the upcoming Hobby Night. With any luck, I'll have all of my vehicles finished by Wednesday next week.

I'm right on schedule. If I keep this pace up, even with a few nights off I should have the entire army completely finished in time for the start of the league. Today in the mail I received a Baal Predator and some assault squads for my upcoming Flesh Tearers project. New toy soldiers are ALWAYS welcome! :)

Keep it Stinky

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HRR 8- Day 12

Days Remaining: 24

Models Remaining : 43

Considering today was a work day, I got some pretty decent progress done today:

Finished basecoating and dipped the first Chaos Rhino

Basecoated and dipped 3 plague zombies

Touched up "Mk I" prototype Chaos Marine with the new paint scheme and dipped him

The extra armor looks pretty good, truth be told. The dip will have a full two days to dry, and I'll do the final touchups and weathering on Thursday evening so I can bring the Rhino with me on Hobby Night.

Keep it Stinky

Monday, September 7, 2009

HRR 7- Day 11

Days Remaining: 25

Models Remaining: 43

It's been a productive long weekend thus far, and I'm not done yet! Here's what I've accomplished since my last HRR:

All remaining infantry models have been assembled.

Four more demons have been matte varnished, detailed, and based.

Chaos Predator matte varnished and detailed. Here's a few pics:

At a bare minimum today I want to finish base coating the first Chaos Rhino and several demons, and give them all the dip. If I have any time or gas left, I'll knock out as many Terminators as I can.

The goal is still in reach- just can't fall behind!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

HRR 6- Day 9

Days Remaining: 27

Models Remaining: 48

This report is actually a recap of yesterday's hobby activity- a good hobby night for sure.

I only got one model completely finished, the Chaos Terminator squad's icon bearer. Check him out...

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and it's more progress on perhaps the toughest squad I have to paint. The new Chaos Terminator models are awesome, but they have a lot of detail that's making the basecoat stage take longer than it does for my Plague Marines or zombies.

For hobby night, I built, primed, and started to basecoat the first Chaos Rhino, "Bane of Angels". It uses extra armor plates I designed, and I think they look pretty good. I also painted half the Rhino green, and only details remain now for the basecoat before I give it the "dip"

Today, I've gloss varnished the Chaos Predator with a spray for some further detailing. I'll be using an oil-based umber paint and MIG pigment powders to add more rust and weathering effects before I matte varnish it. I also need to paint the sores and worms that I sculpted on the hull. I'm planning to have that all finished by the end of the day today.

I also matte varnished four plague zombies with "Mr Surfacer" flat spray. The results are just as good as the Tamiya spray. I'll base up the zombies today, and that'll be five more models that will come off the remaining list. Huzzah!

This long weekend I'm planning to get some serious hobbying done. I'll keep chronicling my progress, hopefully drawing ever closer to the completion of this Chaos Space Marine army....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

HRR 5- Day 8

Days Remaining: 28

Models Remaining: 49

Tonight was a MUCH better progress night for me- the kind of night that I need to repeat as often as possible if I'm going to be successful with this hobby rush. Here's what I got done:

Spray primed white 14 Plague Zombies

Basecoated and dipped 4 Plague Zombies

Basecoated and dipped the Chaos Predator

I have to say that the dip is fairly effective with vehicles, but you have to watch and make sure you don't let the stain pool on flat surfaces (unless, like me, you're trying to make the vehicle look oily and dirty). The dip is definitely more suitable for individual miniatures for a wider range of applications. I'd only ever use the dip on vehicles if the vehicle in question was going to be heavily weathered, a wreck, or filthy like Nurgle.

The Chaos Terminator Icon Bearer from yesterday is still not quite dry unfortunately, so I couldn't finish it this evening and show you all a picture. However, it will most certainly be dry tomorrow, and I'll be taking him to Hobby Night for matte varnish and basing. If I can just keep this consistent effort up, I'll get this 1750 point army done in time for a fully painted league debut. Rock!

Keep it stinky,


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HRR 4- Day 7

Days Remaining: 29

Models Remaining: 49

Well, it's safe to say that I haven't achieved everything I would have liked in the last two days. However, some work was done, which is better than nothing.

I've designed and made my first set of Chaos Rhino Extra Armor plating. I think it's a good first effort, and I've even enscribed chaos litanies and Unclean symbols on them. I'll assemble a Rhino this weekend and try to get it painted up.

I basecoated and dipped my Chaos Terminator Icon Bearer- he looks pretty damn cool at this stage, so I'm hoping he stays that way.

Finally, I assembled two more Plague Marines including another icon bearer. He's staring up at the icon stickin' his tongue out- I dig that dude. I hope he kicks some ass in the league...

Anyway, that's about it. Tomorrow the plan is to get back to the plague zombies and get enough basecoated and dipped to make myself feel good and get that "Models Remaining" number down.

Keep it stinky...