Sunday, July 18, 2010

HRR 19, Day 35

Days Remaining: 7

Models Remaining: 5

I have really been looking forward to this moment. All of the Wraithguard are done. In fact, all of the "basic" infantry models are done. The light's not the greatest, but here's a shot of everything I've finished thus far with the army:

That is AWESOME! I have never seen, much less painted, 30 Wraithguard until this afternoon. I am pumped.

So, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening working on the second Wraithlord. Here's where it's at right now:

We'll see how far I get with it tonight!

I'll leave you all with another song- yet another dip into the 80's. This is a tune I mentioned to Azlan during hobby night. I thought this tune was sweet when I was a young teenager, and I was listening to it while painting the 3d Wraithguard squad. If they do awesome in combat, I'll know why...

Viewer discretion is advised- this clip has serious "mind poison" potential. You could easily find yourself Monday morning humming this tune and imagining a dude with a monster platinum blonde mohawk/mullet. Enjoy...

Late Addition:

I managed to get a pretty good start on the second Wraithlord tonight. The model's been assembled and basecoated in primary colors. I also managed to get the gloss varnish and oil wash done on the yellow. Sweet! Unless something happens to suck up my time tomorrow after work, I should finish this model and start working on a Spiritseer...


  1. dude, that is a real cool pic (the 30 WG, not the video :) ) ... i think that's the first time i've seen 30 WG painted up in one spot ... in fact, i think it's the first time i've seen 30 WG ... well done dude!

  2. What, you didn't like the video??!!

    Seriously dude, thanks for the post and checking it out. I'm almost done with this beast of a painting challenge, and it feels GREAT!

  3. I like how everything in the picture look so uniform, especially the award and can of Minwax :p
    Good progress man. Simple and effective.

  4. LOL I didn't set the shot up like that- I just have the stuff there. I appreciate it dude- they should look real nice on the table

  5. wow, that's a lot of green (on the chart) and yellow (on the table)..

  6. Thanks dude. I'm almost done. I might even try to paint an extra piece or two and round the army off to 2K. I've got an idea I was to try out and paint the new Fire Prism I picked up