Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Almost Time to Start

With the 40K Malaysia "Legends" Hobby Challenge just around the corner, I thought I'd fall back to a practice I started when I began "The Unclean". Starting Monday, I will be on an official "Hobby Rush" to paint my Iyanden Eldar for this hobby challenge. Just like before with my Chaos Space Marine force, I'll keep the following chart constantly updated as I progress:

In case you didn't follow my first Hobby Rush, this chart shows me (and anyone else who cares to follow along) where I'm at with my project. It's a motivational tool, basically. It helped me stay on schedule last time, and was a real motivator when I was able to color in boxes.

Off to the right of each entry, you'll see a box or series of boxes. Each box represents a model. So, the 11 boxes off to the right of the Guardians squad represents the 10 Eldar Guardians and the Grav Platform, for instance. As I progress with the models, I color in the boxes based on what stage they are at. The colors are:

White (No Fill)- No progress whatsoever has been made with this model.

Yellow- The model has been Primed White and/or Assembled.

Green- The model is fully painted and ready for battle.

If you recall last time, I also had orange in my chart. The orange represented models that were "dipped". Given the lengthy drying times involved with dipped models, it was a helpful note from a planning perspective to know what was dipped and what wasn't. Since this army is definitely not using "The Dip", this color isn't need for this particular Hobby Rush.

The competition I'm in officially starts this Monday. If you enjoy my work, by all means be sure to visit the competition thread and cast your vote for me! :)



  1. Looks like you have a plan. Looking forward to seeing your wraithguard themed iyanden force. Would also love to see them hacking their way through your opponents. No points for a serpent for them, the seer and the prince? They gotta have a cool jeff brooks painted ride dude!!!

  2. LOL I've got the following add-ons planned as well, but they are not part of the challenge:

    Fire Prism
    Wave Serpent
    Battery of 3 D-Cannons
    Vyper Jetbike

    The Wave Serpent and Fire Prism will definitely get done as part of the overall Iyanden project, but won't factor into my contest requirements...

  3. Definately get the new fire prism model!! I love the new turret section. Unfortunately i already have 2 prisms. If only they sell the turret parts only.

    Have you decided what yellow and blue you're going to use? Be interesting to see your choice and how you plan to paint it. Yellow's a bitch bro. I know from all those german fighter engine cowls and tail sections. Good luck.

  4. I pre-ordered the Fire Prism and a battery of 3 support weapons, but they haven't shown up yet from GW :(

    I'm using Vallejo "Golden Yellow" as my base coat, with an oil-based orange pin wash for the shading. I haven't decided on a highlight color yet- I'm still fiddling with it. The blue is standard GW Regal Blue.

  5. I used yellow on my RG shoulder recipe was:
    1. basecoat Iyanden Darksun
    2. 2 thin coats of GW Golden Yellow
    3. 1 thin coat of GW Sunburst Yellow
    4. Light wash with Vallejo Yellow Ink

    yeah, I know, too much work involved..

  6. i might just use your chart for my VC, hehe..though im not in a rush, i still want a completely painted army before rolling them dices..thanks to u jeff, hehe

  7. @Vuel- That sounds like a great way to do a one-off mini, or small areas like trim, but for an entire army... ouch.

    I'm airbrushing VGC Golden Yellow over a white undercoat, gloss varnish, cadmium orange oil pin wash, and then a lighter yellow hard edge highlight. I'm happy with it, and it's fairly simple.

    @Faizal- You should, dude! It's a great motivator