Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HRR 8, Day 9

Days Remaining: 33

Models Remaining: 47

I got about three hours in tonight- a good weeknight for me. However, the steps I planned on yesterday were a lot more time consuming then I expected. Good knowledge to have for planning the second and third Wraithguard squads...

It's a bit hard to see in this shot, but here's what I did tonight:

1) Painted one more thin layer of GW Codex Grey on the bases of this squad.

2) With a soft, twirling motion, I carefully drybrushed GW Fortress Grey and then VMC White onto the bases, emphasizing the pavement cracks as much as possible. This step took a while, as I used very little paint with each pass to avoid brush strokes of any kind. The final effect is a soft effect that I am really pleased with. When I apply the leaves and grass tufts tomorrow, these bases should look sweet.

3) Airbrushed Future floor polish on them for a nice gloss varnish.

4) Airbrushed the VGC Gold Yellow basecoat on Wraithguard Squad 2, the final Spiritseer, and Prince Yriel (not pictured).

5) Applied Chrome Orange oil pin washes to all detail areas of squad 1's yellow basecoat. This also took longer then expected- these models have a lot of detail, and I didn't want to just bathe the entire surface in orange. Taking a little more time now saved me a lot of cleanup work tomorrow.

That's it for tonight. No Spiritseer work at all, and I didn't get the Regal Blue basecoats on squad 2. However, I did get a damn good night of hobbying in tonight regardless. Even better, unless something goes terribly awry tomorrow, I will finish the first squad completely with base detail and a matte varnish. THAT's something I will definitely celebrate! :)

Thanks for tuning in- as always comments, criticism, and lively hobby banter are welcome on Adeptus Malaysia. Until Tomorrow!