Sunday, June 27, 2010

HRR 10, Day 14

Days Remaining: 28

Models Remaining: 36

I'm slightly off pace at this point, but I sort of expected that with work related stuff last week that required my attention. In addition, my assistance is needed for the upcoming Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash, so I'm going to have to be real careful with my planning. This Iyanden army is going to get DONE. :)

Tonight, I spent a couple of hours finishing off my first Spiritseer:

I'm happy with this model, and he officially completes the entire first Wraithguard squad. Huzzah!

Tomorrow, I'm going to focus on getting as much basecoating done as possible for the second Wraithguard squad. Stay tuned, and hobby strong...


  1. that's the thing i love about eldar models ... you can almost never go overboard. that warlock model is one of my favorites in the range ... looking good!

  2. Thanks dude- the progress has been great! :)