Sunday, June 13, 2010

D-1... Almost Time for a Hobby Rush

Tomorrow starts the official six week "paint-a-thon", and I feel like I'm reasonably ready. After building one 60mm and five 40mm base masters for a mold tomorrow, I went ahead and built another six 40mm bases and mounted a full squad of ten Wraithguard for painting next week. Check em out below:

Here's a pic of the base I made for the other Wraithlord to be built:

I cut and scribed plasticard to continue the theme I'm doing, and built up a couple of levels with Apoxie sculpt to give the base some more realism/interest. Should look cool painted :)

I should have resin cast bases done by the end of the week for the other 20. I still need to make 25mm base masters for the Guardians, but I'm waiting until the latter half of the hobby challenge to paint those dudes.

Tomorrow this contest begins, and I think the first thing I'm going to paint is a Wraithlord. It's my intention to make DAILY progress reports on Adeptus Malaysia and the forums, so look to tomorrow evening to see how I fare with the Wraithlord...


  1. let's do the resin casting together (while teaching me in the process)..

    I got my masters ready..

  2. Cool- be sure to bring your stuff and we'll git 'er dun...

  3. Looking very forward to seeing your progress on this project dude. Wraithlord is the perfect start. Its a very cool model and plenty of opportunity to go crazy with conversion. I still remember that awesome scorpion wraithlord conversion posted online.

    Good luck to you sir!!!

  4. Many thanks dude, but the bases will be the biggest "conversion" thing I do for this army. I'm going to focus on production of clean, great looking paint jobs done in a timely manner. I want to have the vast bulk of this army done by the half way point :)

  5. this should be awesome. Many have talked about it, but i've yet to see a true blue (yellow?) Iyanden army in this part of the emperor's galaxy

  6. i really like the way you made the schedule.Cool. Love those bases jeff. Real nice.. are those resin.

  7. No, the ones in the pictures aren't resin. Those are standard GW bases with plasticard and bits that I cut, glued on top. However, I am in the process of making a mold of some other masters and casting bases in resin. Once those are done I'll be sure to show pics. I think they are going to add a lot of interest to the army when it's done :)