Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HRR 3, Day 3

Days Remaining: 39

Models Remaining: 48

You'd never guess it by the chart above, but I'm actually making decent progress... honest!


After failing to make the GW wraith construct decal work yesterday, I went ahead and painted my own version of it directly on the head carapace. Afterwards it, and the Spiritseer, got an airbrushed coat of Future floor wax for a nice gloss varnish. I then applied cadmium orange oil washes to all of the yellow areas I wanted to shade, and applied a black oil wash all over the details of the base. Tomorrow I'll use mineral spirits to clean up the excess wash I don't want, and hopefully get the models almost completely finished.

I say "almost completely" because I'm waiting for grass tufts and brass etch leaves to show up in the mail. I want the bases to look very "nice" or "pastoral", and these are really going to help with that. Hopefully they show up this week- they are already overdue.

Wraithguard and Farseer

All of this got a undercoat of Tamiya Flat White, followed by a basecoat of VGC Gold Yellow. You know, this color would be PERFECT for Imperial Fists! Hmmm... Well, let's avoid distractions, shall we?


I finished my mold yesterday, and cast up my first bases today. They came out just how I wanted them- they are going to save me a lot of time for this project I would otherwise spend converting bases, AND I get the added bonus of being able to use these for a future hobby project. Fer shizzle...

So, that's today's hobby report. I'm happy with the pace I've set- slow and steady. With any luck I'll get to color my first box "green" tomorrow with a completed Wraithlord. Stay tuned, and find out in the next exciting episode! ;)


  1. nice bases, I thought we're going to do it together? never mind, just don't forget to teach me do mine :)

  2. My apologies if I left you with that impression dude- I definitely can't afford to lose the time waiting until Friday for my bases :) I definitely did agree to help you cast yours- we'll look into that tomorrow if you bring your stuff.

  3. the painted symbol on the wraithlord head is way better than the decal..keep it up dude, u makin great progress here.