Monday, June 21, 2010

HRR 7, Day 8

Days Remaining: 34

Models Remaining: 47

Mighty good progress tonight, especially for what is usually a "hobby lethargic" Monday evening:

Wraithguard Squad 1

It doesn't look like I've done a lot to this squad, but you'll have to take my word for it that those Wraithguard head carapace markings were time consuming and a bit difficult to get even/right. Making, applying, and airbrushing those on was more challenging then I expected, and I also had to clean them up with Regal Blue and paint two VERY thin Regal Blue lines to create the "Mobius Strip" over/under illusion. That step alone for all ten models easily gobbled up an hour tonight. I finished painting the bases GW Codex Grey and called it a night with that squad.

Wraithguard Squad 2

As you can see from the pic, all I managed to do with them tonight was give them a Tamiya Flat White undercoat, applied with my airbrush.

To cap off the night, I finished up the first step of the flames I'm applying to my first Warlock:

With that, I finished up hobbying for the night.

Tomorrow's rough plan is as follows:

1) Wraithgaurd Squad 1 gets gloss varnished, and then all yellow areas get shaded with orange oil washes.

2) Warlock 1 gets finished

3) Wraithguard Squad 2 gets yellow undercoat and Regal Blue basecoat for head carapaces and tabards.

Time will tell if this plan survives contact. Until then, see you tomorrow night...


  1. You're definitely on a roll. Its nice to be able to see a WG army :)nicely painted. Just don't wear down yr brushes.

    Yr avengers will be standard colours or done in iyanden scheme?

  2. Wear down my brushes lol...

    I'm not taking Dire Avengers :)

  3. Sorry dude, meant your guardians. But then guardians will always be in craftworld colours. Also forgot that your WG are now troop choices!!!

    Also need to sit down and see how you actually paint those flames on the warlocks. Would look awesomely cool on a certain red eldar methinks ;).

    12 days to go to TOS. Good luck bro!!! Looking very forward to seeing it.

    Ave Legio.

  4. Ah, the Guardians. Since they are not in my TOS list, I'm waiting until after the tournament to hobby on them. Same goes for Prince Yriel.

    The Guardians will have the paint job straight from the current Eldar Codex. No reason to re-invent the wheel, as far as I'm concerned :)

  5. dude, that's discipline! way to go!