Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HRR 9, Day 10

Days Remaining: 32

Models Remaining: 37

Woo hoo! The first Wraithguard squad is DONE!

Tonight I applied a matte varnish to the squad, and then cracked out a couple of new (to me, anyway!) hobby options to finish the bases off. First, I used Silflor "Mininatur" grass tufts:

These things are really cool. As you can see from the pic, you get A TON of these puppies in the package with lots of sizes to choose from. Being pre-formed into natural "tuft" shapes, they make a great, natural looking alternative to simply using static grass. They look especially good as grass growing up from cracks in the pavement, which works perfectly for my chosen theme. Sweet! The other item I'm experimenting with in this army are leaves:

These are pretty cool, and have the added benefit of being pre-painted and ready to glue on as is. Here's a close up of one of my bases using both products:

I'm sure there's a lot more detail I could add for more realism and interest, but I'm happy with the bases given the extreme time constraints I'm operating under to get this army done! If either or both of these products interest you, I can heartily recommend Antenociti's Workshop. They have a fantastic collection of all sorts of hobby goodies, and their customer service and postage were first rate.

That's about it for today. I've been looking at Excel sheets all day, and my brain is starting to run out of my nose. Tune in tomorrow for my next exciting installment! Until then...

Hobby Strong

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  1. Dude, i think that's the first time i've seen a full squad of WG fully painted in Malaysia! Nice job! And what a burn! Just over a week to TOS now!