Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hobby Rush Report (HRR) 1- Day 2

Last night was a fantastic hobby night- my favorite thing about it was seeing Saleem and catching up with him. He's visiting home from Saudi Arabia, and it was really cool to catch up with him and see how things have been. He also brought some fantastic pasta with prawns for buka puasa- it was a bit spicy for me, but really tasty! ;)

It was also a very good night for The Unclean. I got Lord Minthras, my Chaos Lord, completely basecoated and dipped, along with the first member of the Chaos Terminator squad. I also finalized the painting scheme for the plague zombies, and they are getting the dip as well, but in a different color (Golden Oak).

I'm fairly new to "the dip", and even I was surprised how fantastic Lord Minthras looked after he got a dose of Minwax "Provincial". I was also really happy determining the final scheme for the Plague Zombie/Lesser Demons that my army will use. 28 demons are going to get done VERY quickly using this dip method. Yes, I could technically paint these guys to a higher standard, but for results vs effort I have never seen such a powerful tool as the dip. I'm going to take some pics of Lord Minthras complete, and I'm also going to do a stage by stage photo spread of one of my Chaos Terminators, so you can see for yourself just how cool "the dip" is.

Sorry no pics today, but they are coming, and this army WILL GET DONE before the start of the Season 3 40K League. The "Restless Blight" has arrived at Legio Malaysia, and its touch corrupts all to ruin...


  1. Yes yes, we much await pics of Lord Minthras! I'm starting my first squad which will get the dip treatment, and seeing Minthras WIP was really inspiring. My Brandenburger mech infantry will be there to stop the Restless Blight, by the Emperor's Will! which reminds me, I do have about 15 infantry and 2 tanks to paint(!)

  2. The Unclean shall destroy before them. Your flesh shall run like candle wax, and your bones shall be ground to dust.... Nurgh-leth....

    I'm trying to get Lord Minthras done today, assuming Friday's dip is dry.

  3. pics! must remember to stock up on plasma weapons, the better to cleanse the Unclean with