Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HRR 2, Day 2

Days Remaining: 40

Models Remaining: 48

I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted to tonight, but I did make some progress:

I highlighted the Regal Blue a bit with VMC Dark Blue, and highlighted the black areas with Codex Grey. I also painted the base with Codex Grey as well. I basecoated a magnetized brightlance and scatter laser as well (not shown).

I applied the Iyanden icon to the groin shield, and tried to apply a Wraith construct icon (the stylized mobius strip), but the decal was too thick to properly curve over the head, despite several applications of decal softener. I'm going to have to use an airbrush mask or freehand that one, unfortunately. Is it me, or are the GW decals wicked thick...?

In addition, I managed to finish off highlighting all the gemstones with the "gem effect" seen below:

Tomorrow I fire up the airbrush and prime/basecoat the first 10 Wraithguard, as well as applying the gloss varnish and subsequent orange oil washes to the Wraithlord and Spiritseer.

Until tomorrow...

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