Saturday, June 19, 2010

HRR 5, Day 6

Days Remaining: 36

Models Remaining: 47

Sorry for the lack of a report yesterday folks, but I was beat after a full Hobby Night of Iyanden painting goodness. I'll make another report tonight, and get caught up with my "One Post Per Day" pace.

Last night I painted like a maniac, and got myself some FANTASTIC progress on the first Wraithguard squad:

The progress represents the following steps:

1) GW Regal Blue basecoat on all head carapaces and tabards
2) VMC Black on all wraithcannons, knee joints, and base crack detail.
3) VMC White detail on all tabards, including squad marking
4) GW Blood Red, Scab Red, Blazing Orange, and Skull White on wraithcannon muzzle gem details (70 gems overall!)
5) VMC Intense Blue highlights on Regal Blue areas
6) Started GW Codex Grey on bases

That was about 5 hours of solid painting- 30 minutes of work on each Wraithguard model to get as far as I did. I'm happy with the result, and I think with a good Sunday effort I'll get the squad AND the Spiritseer done. That will keep me right on pace!

Until next time...