Monday, August 31, 2009

"The Dip" Is Good

Azlan and I have talked and talked about this, but haven't provided proof to the thousands of fans of this blog. Fear not, loyal readers. The proof is here!

Here are the steps I used to get the results above:

1- After assembly, the model was primed with Skull White spray.

2- I block painted the right side of the model Gnarloc Green, while the left side remained Skull White. All of the accent colors like Shining Gold, Boltgun Metal, etc. were all painted on. No drybrushing, blacklining, or any other special technique was used here.

3- After all the base colors were painted on, I painted on a liberal coating of Minwax "Provincial" wood stain. I let this dry for two days until it wasn't sticky to the touch.

4- Right before I took this picure, I sprayed the model with Tamiya "Flat Clear"

That's it! I don't know about you, but this is pretty sweet. Now, if this were a rank and file model I could just base the miniature and be done with it. However, being the infernal Lord Minthras, I'm going to do some more work to this and get him to that "totally sweet" stage.... muahahahaha

Until then, keep it stinky.


  1. Sweet! Totally makes sense to do my Catachans this way. Even the Lord looks good enough to eat at this stage (if you were nurgle, that is) ... nice! Guess this is how I'll be doing my Straken. Block paint, dip, tamiya flat, highlights ... looking forward to seeing the finished Lord. Just struck me that at this rate, the termie squad will be done in no time at all ...

  2. Nice, really loving the effectiveness of the dip.

  3. That's awesome dude!! I've dipped mine using golden oak for my IG Veterans aka Catachans, gonna wait 2 days until its not sticky, i'll bring it this friday..

  4. Can't wait to see those. Azlan is bringing his vets Friday to try out the dip. I'm going to try and get some Chaos Terminators basecoated and dipped tonight...