Sunday, November 15, 2009

40K Tourney Done

Wow, that was cool!

It took a bit of work to pull everything off smoothly, but our tournament went well. If you didn't get a chance to drop by, visit Legio Malaysia for the recap. For some great photos of the event, check out Azlan's blog. Good times.

So, now that I've done my duty for the Legion, I shall resume full time work on my Flesh Tearers. Stay tuned to this space if you're interested- hobby begins now!

For Sanguinius!


  1. likewise, I'm resuming work on my AirCav. It was a hard-pounding 2 months - Arenxis campaign, league, 40k tourney ... but it was awesome! I raise my glass to you! well done! we need to go have a paulaner celebration (since we missed out on that on Saturday) ...

  2. True dat, dude. Let's make sure we knock back a few this week...

  3. Hey guys, you two...awesome job all round!!! I am in awe and humbled by your dedication and commitment to our gaming community. Here's hoping i can live up to such standards for the coming year.

    Well done Jeff n u Azlan!!!

  4. Thanks dude, no problem. I've always enjoyed chipping in and trying to make things interesting for my local hobby community. If you're interested in trying to run something like a tourney, campaign, or league, feel free to pick my brain for tips or something... :)

  5. Great event. Congratulations guys.