Monday, November 30, 2009

Resin Goodness!


The Lords of Baal Secundus and Cretacia must be smiling down on me, because my recent Forge World order showed up today. Two key components of my Flesh Tearers army are now here: Dreadnought Drop Pods. Wee!


At first glance the kits look to be in good shape. The consignment showed up less than two weeks after I placed the order, and UPS didn’t even ask for duty/tax money. Can’t beat that! Sometimes you get lucky, I guess.


I’ve been itching to start a vehicle project for the Flesh Tearers, so cleaning/cutting/assembly of resin goodness is in my near future. I’m planning to magnetize the doors to ensure a good fit and to allow me to open/close them for games. I’m painting the main body black, and the fins red. I’m also going to take my first real stabs at weathering with these drop pods/dreads, so hopefully I can get some passable results there. Time will tell…


For Sanguinius!


  1. u bringing this to hobby nite right? should be awesome

  2. I most definitely will be messing around with my Drop Pods this Friday! :)

  3. Done, I have added your blog address on my blog. I can't forgive myself for overlooking this matter....I hope you won't annihilate me in our next gaming session

  4. lol it's no big deal dude. I knew you didn't like me very much... ;)

  5. NO TAX!!! Your lucky SOB!!! I have always gotten taxed from UPS :(

    Sigh!!! some ppl have all the luck :)

  6. Dude, post some pics ASAP!!! Visual always works better to get people drooling...hehehe

    Pics pl pl pl