Thursday, November 19, 2009

Progress Every Day

Howdy, fellow hobby nutters.

After preaching the idea of "constant progress" to all the naysayers that bleat "I can't finish an army!", I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and make a hobby pledge with my Flesh Tearers project.

No matter what, I will get at least some progress on my Flesh Tearers done every day, without exception until the initial 1750 list is complete. It's a tall order, as there are always days where I'm tired, busy, or otherwise occupied. However, I'm going to make this hobby oath and do everything I can to fulfill it.

Last night is an example of "some progress" on the army, as I merely painted the head of the crozius arcanum Scorched Brown (my favorite undercoat for gold these days). That's it. Not a lot, I know, I expect more of myself as time goes on and I get into a groove, but it is SOME progress.

How about you guys? Anyone up for joining me in this hobby oath, and finally getting that current pesky army project done? Or, perhaps a new one...?


  1. I made a similar oath: No matter what, I will get at least 1 AirCav infantry model completely basecoated on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nites. It's a bit easier, but i'll definitely be cranking that up a notch or two as time goes by

  2. As you know, I'm building up my long stalled Black Legion project. Now my IG is complete, an oath to myself to finish everything within 2 months, and with style..

    Good thing working with IBM is that u can work from home. I might sidetrack a bit to get some painting

  3. Nice! Crank those armies out, dudes! I'm looking forward to hearing ideas from the membership tomorrow about what event/activity we're going to do next...

  4. Wow that's a very strong commitment. Hope to see those Flesh Tearers one day, the test models we've previewed seem fun already :D

  5. and I'll be putting the finishing touches on my Raven Guard + Alpha Legion armies, plus sneaking in some Wood Elves into the fray..

  6. Complete your FoW army!!!!!!


  7. I can't make an oath until i decide which army i want for my 2nd. Perhaps after. So many nice choices.....LOL