Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Sanguinius!

Well, I've just finished my first test model for the new hobby hotness- Flesh Tearer Space Marines. Sorry no pic, but the light levels are lousy in here and the image won't be very good. I'll snap a pic tomorrow so you all can see the first one. I'm not totally sold on the red yet, but it is growing on me. Version one is Mechrite Red- a bit darker than Blood Red, but the color looks a little washed out right now. Oh well- I'll wait until I get the pic up, and we can discuss. If you're local and coming to Hobby Night, I'm bringing him with me. Comments welcome...


  1. Wanna see this - flesh tearers are my planned "BA" chapter for my crusade. I'm thinking tons of CSM fanged bare heads, lots of saw blades (I have a bunch of the RT001 sprue) and am working out how to convert my Space Hulk termies to flesh tearers. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Cool- I'm going for a real savage look as well. Instead of going for the "pale vampire" look, I'll be doing a "Conan" look. Leathery skin from tough times on Cretacia, long hair, cro-mag features, etc. I've even got a friend of mine sculpting some heads for me to pull the look off with style!

    Pics going up in a couple hours!