Friday, November 20, 2009

Dice Are Finally Here!

The order from Chessex showed up with some dice I've had on order, including the last two sets for Rizal and Ivan. Hopefully these dice will treat me well, and honor the minis I'm going to be painting over the next couple of months or so. We shall see.

Last night I didn't get a whole lot done- some assembly work and organization for Hobby Night tonight. I'm planning on painting Chaplain Kilrus, hopefully to completion. If by some strange hobby fortune I finish him with time to spare, I'm going to begin assembling my first Venerable Death Company Furioso Dreadnought, Brother Guljor.

See you all tonight!


  1. oooh, nice FT dice! i should really get a set for each of my armies. Talking about that, I dipped 2nd squad of my AirCav last nite. After I finish that squad, I'm going to finish Ahriman before going on to a Vendetta

  2. That's some really good progress dude- nice one! I really hope I get my chappy done tonight...

  3. thinking of ordering 3 sets of dice; one for my Raven Guard, one for my Alpha Legion, and one for my Wood Elves..