Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HRR 8- Day 12

Days Remaining: 24

Models Remaining : 43

Considering today was a work day, I got some pretty decent progress done today:

Finished basecoating and dipped the first Chaos Rhino

Basecoated and dipped 3 plague zombies

Touched up "Mk I" prototype Chaos Marine with the new paint scheme and dipped him

The extra armor looks pretty good, truth be told. The dip will have a full two days to dry, and I'll do the final touchups and weathering on Thursday evening so I can bring the Rhino with me on Hobby Night.

Keep it Stinky


  1. The rate you churn out those mini's.... amazing. I really love the Predator and weathering effects. MIG dust is amazing man. Looks so real. I'm gonna steal your idea and build me a predator. A naked Predator really look good. Obliterator or Naked Predator ???

  2. IMO, Oblits are way overused in CSM armies. I think a nekkid Pred would have more "cool factor", but obviously go with the model that excites you more... Either one will look sweet I'm sure.

  3. I agree with the Oblits being overused - it's just that for around the same points as a nekkid Pred, you do get more bang for the buck gamewise. Having said that, I don't think Oblits can ever have that cool factor a nicely done Pred can give. And just to confuse things a bit more, I have this feeling that an Oblit painted in this method will actually look quite awesome! Looking forward to seeing the models this hobby nite

  4. LOL that's true- with the random "tissue" bits all over those models and loads of detail, I'll bet you could make Oblits look Nurgley with a minimum of effort. Tough choice...

  5. This Friday night I need help painting my minis.
    I only got them oblits cause I could chop them up and re-model them. I'm a sucker for conversions....

  6. Sounds like a plan- I'll be painting as well so that works