Thursday, September 10, 2009

HRR 10- Day 14

Days Remaining: 22

Models Remaining: 33

Well, I had hoped to get more progress done beyond finishing the five zombies I dipped last night and the Rhino, but this was not to be. Still, getting another six models done is an accomplishment that I'll take and run with at this point.

Tomorrow night I'm planning to get my final Chaos Rhino assembled, primed, and hopefully basecoated...


  1. good to see more them green boxes ...

  2. Wow, u paint real fast man..

    honestly, I don't think I'll finish my army in time..but since there's 22 days left, never say never, right?

  3. Exactly, dude. Just do SOMETHING every day and you stand a real good chance of making it!

  4. dude that's so cool! right on schedule too~... which reminds me - have my own stuff to finish... yikes.