Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glorious Hobby Night

Fourteen models! Gwaarrrrggghhhhh!!!

That's how many models I somehow managed to basecoat last night at Hobby Night. The last seven plague zombies and the second squad of Plague Marines all got basecoated, and I dipped them before I hit the hay. All of them will get matte varnished and based tomorrow, leaving only the last Plague Marine squad to finish. Huzzah!

My primary computer is down right now so I can't update my cool Excel sheet, but as soon as I can I will definitely post it. Until then, keep it stinky!


  1. While you did 14, I managed 1.
    Primed 5 tanks too.
    Oh well, at least there's progress.

  2. Good progress- looking forward to seeing the finished models. Have you dipped the one you basecoated?

  3. Dude, that was some focus! Glad you found the rhythm. The Ravenwing awaits our chance to return your souls to salvation.

    Ivan, glad you finally started the ball rolling. I'm sure we'll be seeing some cool stuff when you're done

  4. First model dipped and waiting for touch up. Thanks to you guys of course :)
    Blog to be updated shortly.