Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HRR 9- Day 13

Days Remaining: 23

Models Remaining: 39

Huzzah! I've cracked the 40 model barrier with a little bit of "dip luck". When I started hobbying this evening I checked yesterday's dip, and discovered that the Chaos Marine and 3 plague zombies were all completely dry. I didn't have to wait two days- sweet! The Rhino was still a little tacky, so that's going to be tomorrow night's primary project.

After finishing off those dry models with matte varnish, detailing, and basing, I started another batch of zombies. I managed to get five more zombies basecoated and dipped- all in about an hour. I now only have one pack of 7 zombies left to basecoat and finish off, which is a great place to be time wise. Here's a pic of the zombies done thus far...

I imagine the Rhino is going to occupy most of my time tomorrow night. If I can, I'm going to prime the left side of the Defiler white and get that thing ready for a basecoat and dip this weekend. I should also assemble and prime my second and final Chaos Rhino at the upcoming Hobby Night. With any luck, I'll have all of my vehicles finished by Wednesday next week.

I'm right on schedule. If I keep this pace up, even with a few nights off I should have the entire army completely finished in time for the start of the league. Today in the mail I received a Baal Predator and some assault squads for my upcoming Flesh Tearers project. New toy soldiers are ALWAYS welcome! :)

Keep it Stinky


  1. man, them plague zombies look nice! i think you can seriously start thinking of FT and Iyanden soon

  2. Yeah, trying to make up my mind which one to do first. I'm leaning towards Iyanden at this point...

  3. I would like to see you do Iyanden. Mainly because it's also one of the craftworlds I've been wanting to do, but paint them in a more ghostly colour.

  4. Yeah, you don't see Iyanden too much and they're a really cool craftworld with "tragic hero" fluff. I think I'll go with the standard color scheme though- that yellow and blue looks sweet!

  5. Zombies!!! Cool!

    What Iyanden.. not IyanDin eh?