Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HRR 18- Day 33

Days Remaining: 2

Models Remaining: 0

I'm done! WOO HOO! What a relief! I even finished a bonus Chaos Spawn!

Unfortunately, my joy has been tempered by a disappointing hobby problem. I tried to assemble my cool Sorceror in Terminator Armor, and the sprue is missing the critical waist piece that the legs and torso are attached to. Gone- pfft! Very frustrating.

So, I'm going to prostrate myself before GW Customer Service and beg them for a replacement. We'll see if they show mercy- otherwise I need to make alternate arrangements. Anyone have a spare set of plastic Chaos Terminator legs? :D

Well, that's the end of my hobby rush- I hope you enjoyed following along. Now that I'm done, I've decided to start working on Flesh Tearers. I need to get another Imperial force done. In the meantime, I wish you all luck with your own hobby projects, and I'll post pics of my FT models once I get going.

Cheers, and for the last time...

"Keep it Stinky"


  1. I salute you and your army Jeff. Can't wait to see it take to the table and kick some ass.

  2. Thanks, Ivan. I hope it kicks some butt!

  3. Congratulations! That's certainly an inspiration! It's not even a small army to boot. That was really superfast. And the army looks great too! Tomorrow, we shall see them in all their glory, head to head with my Ravenwing! Onward to battle!

  4. Those Chaos Termies are going to be a real badass squad to break whew :D

  5. I hope so Shaz! I know this army seriously lacks long range anti tank firepower, so I'm hoping those Termis and everyone else can deal with it and contribute!

  6. It is finished.. in just 33 days?! Wow!!
    You have my utmost respect brother. Very inspiring..

  7. Thanks dude- I appreciate the comment. Now it's time for blood and steel... Flesh Tearers!