Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Engineer Chimera Progress

First off, apologies for the "old school" poorly lit table pic. I had to take down my light tent/photo table to make way for a high speed internet installation today. I'll get it set up again later this week and get back to taking better pics. In the meantime, this will have to do.

I got a good amount of progress done- I think one more solid hobby session will see this thing done. I block painted UK Bronze Green on the top hatches and front left fender to identify it as an Engineer vehicle, and then masked them off for company markings. Turret got the "114" squad number courtesy of the DKOK Decal Sheet from Forge World.

I painted the tracks, and that was a pain. This is the last time I glue on tracks and then paint them. It's way easier (at least for me) to airbrush them seperately and then glue them on at th end.

I painted all the base colors for the assault ramps, and then glued them both to the hull. This way, they'll get the same chipping/dusting/etc at the rest of the track and "blend in" a bit. Right now they look quite disparate, but I'm sure with some weathering they'll look a lot better. Hazard stripe masking was a bit of a chore on these, but at least this is the only Chimera getting this kind of detail. Here's a close up- again, keep in mind I still have shading and weathering to do. I know it's quite bright right now...

The only thing now missing is the searchlight and heavy stubber- searchlight gets airbrushed and glued on first thing next session, and the stubber will go on dead last.

This is really coming along, and I think it's going to turn out great once it's finished. Maybe tomorrow....


  1. yes, tracks definitely easier to paint when it's on sprue .. nice progress!

  2. You're really cranking up this army bigtime man.

    I must say i really love those blades :). Really makes the stands out. And those ramps are nice..On both sides?

    Bring it hobby night k. Need some advice on my tank project.

    Btw the 15 was sprayed on?

  3. Yes indeed, there's an assault ramp on each side of the Chimera, and yes I sprayed the white 15's using a mask.

  4. Dude, i love that grill on the assault ramp. It really made the chimera stands out! Can't wait to see the final result.