Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh My!

After all this time of little Salamanders love, ForgeWorld starts to really kick it off with shoulder pads, and now a Venerable Dreadnought and brass etched goodies. I'm going to resist, and stick with my Krieg.

Nonetheless, it's cool, and damn tempting.


  1. Yes Jeff, do not be tempted to the dark ...errr dark green side just yet.

    We need your DKOK to hold the beachead at Ghemehaal ;)
    The emperor's angels sanguine will meet u on that forsaken planet come october!!

  2. that is an awesome model. The brass etch set is also really good looking ... can you resist? Roll 2d6 against leadership. -1 to LD for everytime you look at the dreadnought ...

  3. Haha. These stuff can be classified as "resin cracks". Extremely addictive and very hazardous to your wallet.