Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Starting to Look Like an Engineer's Ride

I REALLY like Forge World's Mine Plough- that thing looks seriously badass. Thus far I've only basecoated the camo on the vehicle, and have done hazard stripes on the lower part of the plough (sorry the pic's a bit blurry):

Obviously I've got a lot of work to do with washes, weathering, markings, etc. Still, it's looking good so far...


  1. what the hell is that??
    awesomely unique bro!

  2. Thanks dude :)

    That's a mine plough from Forge World- check out Imperial Guard Accessories and you can see it yourself. It's designed to allow the Chimera (or Leman Russ) to breach anti-tank minefields by ripping them up out of the ground, and also to launch grenades that detonate the mines. While the rules will only let me use it as a dozer blade, it still fits perfectly for an Chimera used by Krieg Engineers :)

  3. that's looking sweet! I think it's the first time I've seen it on a Chimera actually

  4. Awesome! The mine plough/dozer blade thingy really make this piece stand out. Can't wait to see the fully painted version (so I can rip some washes and weathering tip/idea for my puny rhino...kekekeke)

  5. everything u touched seems turn to gold dude! this is beautiful, and i love that mine dozer, it looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. Wow....that really is a nice piece. The shape and dimension is just perfect!! Did u have to work the resin to make it fit well??

    And is this the tank thats supposed to have the assault ramps attached??

    Bring it to hobby night this week huh :) Me wants to have closer look yes yes!!

    Very nice dude.

  7. Many thanks for the comments guys!

    @Spunky- I don't think I've seen one painted up in person, actually! Looking forward to this being done.

    @Me- No prob dude. I plan on doing a video that takes you through the entire painting and weathering process of one of my Chimeras. Check that out if you're interested (once it's done!)

    @Faizal- High praise coming from the Master of the Minwax and the painter of Night Lords! Thanks dude- I can't wait to see this thing finished either

    @Khairul- Yeah, that's the big thing missing in the pic- the assault ramps. I'm painting those separately, and they're taking a bit of time with all the masking I am doing for the hazard stripes.

    The resin was a bitch, no doubt. I had to use boiling water to soften the struts up and set them straight left/right as well as up/down. Flashing and clagging was real bad too on this thing- glad it's done assembling at least!

  8. Great work man, the hazard strips look great, look forward to the rest of the progress!