Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VIDEO- Painting Desert Bases

At last! After two days of failed attempts to upload this thing, I've finally gotten my first humble video done for the blog:

This video covers in detail how I base my Death Korps models, which are themed with a "rocky desert" idea. I had a lot of fun playing around with editing and painting the base (of course!), and this is basically the first trial run. Future vids will include more tutorials, future Legio Malaysia battle reports, campaign video newsletters, and other wacky stuff I'm sure we'll think of in the future. In the meantime enjoy, and I'd love to hear comments! :) If you liked the video, be sure to click the subscribe button so you'll be the first to see all of my future efforts.

Thanks for checking it out guys


  1. Nice one dude :)!!!

    Easy to follow but very nice result. Good start for a vid topic.

    More please!!!

  2. That was a really nicely done video. Kudos!