Sunday, July 17, 2011

Engineer Chimera Progress

Well, I've done all the detailing I'm going to do, so this week it's time to put some paint on it and get it done. The only thing missing from these pics is the Forge World Mine Plough I'm going to add to rep a dozer blade (but way cooler!)

I added some rivet detail all around, along with sculpted gas proof hoods for the port firing lasguns. Track detail in place of the usual ammo boxes, as detailed before as well. I drilled a hole in the side of the resin turret that will be the mounting point for my searchlight (not pictured). I added thin strips of plasticard on the 8 vision blocks for the passengers, as you can see is this photo:

The new Chimera actually has this detail done already, but the old one didn't. One minor bit I really like is here:

I bent up a piece of fret from a brass etch frame to use as a track section hanger, and added a chip of 1mm styrene rod on it to show where it's "bolted in". The track section I cut the cast outside track pins, drilled a 1mm hole though both sides, and then put in a proper track pin with 1mm styrene rod. I pinched this trick straight from the Medusa build in Forge World's Model Masterclass book- thanks guys!


  1. Very nice detailing work there man. Very nice :)

    This chimera will be part of the force for the ghemehaal campaign right?

  2. uh oh, osprey super-detailing creeping in :) ... nice progress dude

  3. Thanks guys! :)

    Khairul, yes indeed this Chimera will be seeing action in the campaign. I definitely will need my engineers!