Thursday, June 2, 2011

NOW We're Cookin'

I like this option MUCH better for the unit identification. The black color is for 1st Platoon, and the "15" is for the 15th Armored Company. The "1" on the turret is for 1st Squad. I also made a stencil for the top hatch. Having markings to help prevent being strafed by friendly air power makes sense, but it also has the benefit of looking cool :)

Afterwards I gave each rivet a sepia wash, and then drybrushed the whole vehile in VGC Bonewhite. I'll do some paint chipping with a sponge, smoke on the exhausts and gun barrel, and finally some dust along the lower third of the hull. Oh and of course I'll paint and attach the tracks!

This should be done by Friday- cross your fingers!


  1. oyez ... nice work. the Bonewhite drybrush works really well to keep everything together. An entire army of these will look impressive indeed. The black ID stripe looks awesome. How about this for an idea - instead of a different color stripe for the other platoons, would it work with an added parallel thin stripe work for 2nd platoon, 2 thin stripes for 3rd platoon, and so on? Keeps the black going. Just a thought

  2. spunky's idea sounds nice..
    and that chimera sure is awesome..

  3. @Spunky & Vuel- That's a pretty good idea for the subsequent platoon markings. Once this force gets bigger, I think I'm going to go ahead and use that. Thanks! :)

    I still haven't worked out the markings for the Engineer squad (Veteran- Demolitions by the codex)

    Any suggestions guys?

  4. the 'cog' sign is too common..
    how about a 'wrench' or 'nut' instead?

  5. I love that marking on the Chimera hatch. I might use this concept for my Cadians. Good stuff Jeff!

  6. Nicely done bro :) Crisp and clean effect, just the way we like it heheheh.

    You should definately go for dirrent color bands for your engineers. Go bright like yellow with black numbers or just a logo for the engineers corps.