Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Death Korps of Krieg Engineers DONE

This took me a bit longer than expected, but there is a lot more cool detail on these minis than the standard trooper. I also spent far too much time over the last few days trying to verify all the HVTs in Mercenaries 2 ALIVE. Damn video games.

Anyway, here's some pics- hope you enjoy and thanks for checking in. Up next- the Engineer Chimera!


  1. Bro you are painting your infantry like how some of us paint our IC.

  2. Those are nice dude!!!

    The last guy reminds me of that Russian prisoner who was forced to reconnect the comm lines to flush out their snipers in Enemies at the Gate.

    Awesome stuff man!!!!


  3. This is stuff of legends Jeff! Kudos! Btw how's ur Flesh Tearers coming along?

  4. Makes me wanna do a FW Elysian army.
    Very nice Jeff. Can't wait to see more!