Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Started with the Krieg Engineers

Didn't get a whole lot of progress done unfortunately- I had "The Unit" playing on my PC as I worked, and ended up paying too much attention to the show and not to cranking out the models!

Tonight I got the following done:

Primed all five with my airbrush using Vallejo Black Primer. It's great stuff, ready to go out of the bottle with no dilution necessary. If you own an airbrush, you should really check their range out.

Airbrushed their coats with Vallejo Model Air Gray Primer

Painted hose fittings, gas mask respirators, as well as some metal detailing on the grenade launchers, krak grenades, and melta bombs with Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass.

That, unfortunately, is it. Tomorrow I'll get a lot more done. Here's a couple of closeups of the work thus far:

Before I sign off for the evening, I'll show you a shot of something I'm working on for the Engineer's Chimera:

What you see here is a kit bashed light bridging "assault ramp"- the first of two that I'm going to make. This one will be done once I add some rivet detailing along the sides. These will hang along the sides of their Chimera in place of the stowage bins that normally occupy that space. I've got an old Chimera that has the stowage bins as separate bits- the current one doesn't offer that option.

I'm also strongly considering modeling up a trailer for the Chimera, believe it or not. I thought it might be cool to have something to carry pioneering equipment like mine sweepers, razor wire, explosives, etc. I could also put a big promethium tank in the trailer, and model some braided hose that is connected to the Chimera. Since I've got their Chimera (or will have) equipped with a hull mounted heavy flamer, it only makes sense to have a steady fuel supply, right? The trailer would be a kind of half British Crocodile trailer/half supply wagon. It looks good in my mind's eye, anyway. We'll see how it pans out.

See you guys tomorrow!


  1. Nice work there mate. I'm a big fan of the Vallejo Air Model range too. Been using the Vallejo Model Air Gray Primer for a year now and only experienced 1 bad batch where it was too runny. Other than that, they work great for beginners in air brushing.
    Also, nice conversion on the assault ramp.
    Keep it up. Cheers mate!

  2. Many thanks dude, though I'd say Model Air is not just for "beginners". It's used by some of the best AFV modelers in the world to get some stunning results. :)

  3. Dude, that Krieg trooper with the grenade launcher is an awesome model! Looking forward to seeing these engineers painted up

  4. looking forward to see this one finished..
    and, I gotta get that primer too..

  5. @Spunky- The grenade launcher trooper is actually a conversion- the model is supposed to be the squad's Watchmaster. I filed off the sergeant chevrons from his shoulder pad and carefully cut away the shotgun in his right hand. When my consignment from ForgeWorld gets here I'll be able to finish the other five members, and use that matching model as a proper Watchmaster :)

  6. Nice conversion there dude!! Grenade launcher guys really looks nice. Is that a pick axe on his back?

    Nice work on the ramp too. U just have to do the trailer man!!! They're engineers rite :)

  7. Watching show and get carried away? LOL believe me you aren't the only one who tried multi task but ended up doing less around here.

    Custom trailer for chimera huh? Other than sheer coolness it can be use tactically... as cover save. But as a guard player myself I also know that can back fired badly as if it explodes you are going to get yourself a massive fire ball there buddy. ^^