Friday, June 10, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Bane Wolf Starts Tonight

Tonight I've completed all the sub-assemblies for my Death Korps Bane Wolf. I mean, c'mon, why would I NOT include a chemical warfare option in my armored company list? I think it would just be wrong.

The reasons I've started this next after finishing the first Chimera are two fold:

1) Now that I've established the method to paint all of my vehicles, I want to do another one right away to cement it in my brain.

2) One of the forums I like to check out, The Serpent's Lair, runs monthly painting contests that are themed around choices from the force organization chart. For May, the theme was HQ. I entered my White Consuls Chaplain and got thoroughly trounced- you can check out the competition thread here. I want to take another crack at this contest with my Bane Wolf. June's theme is Fast Attack, and the Bane Wolf certainly qualifies for that.

So, over the coming days I'll post pics of my progress every day I work on it. With any luck, I'll get this done within a week and move on to an infantry squad. I was thinking perhaps trying out my Engineers... :)


  1. good luck! if this banewolf comes out at least as good as the chimera, you should do ok. and from my experience, you tend to get better with experience

  2. Thanks, dude. I'm planning on doing the chemical pipes real rusty. It'll be fun to learn using the airbrush and pigments to get a good effect, and should contrast nicely with the rest of the paint job. I'm going to fully paint the interior/chemical tank storage area to practice with the pigments & chipping, despite probably not being able to see much of it when I'm done. It'll be a cool learning experience regardless :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the progress of this tank after seeing how your chimera turned out!!