Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden Kris 2011 Entry Montage

This past weekend our club held our annual "Golden Kris" painting competition, traditionally done as part of our birthday celebration. We've been a club now for three years (WOW), and we had a great time running a huge Apocalypse battle along with Golden Kris.

Here's a video montage of all the entries and winners this year. I was lucky enough to get my first Golden Kris this time around after falling a bit short last year. There were some great entries, particularly Carl's work, so I'm very flattered that the judge saw fit to make my Death Korps squad the winning entry.

Anyway, enjoy, and starting today or tomorrow latest I'll be covering the conversion, assembly, and painting of my Engineer Chimera....


  1. I love the video! Is it just me, or are there more entries this year? Nice work everyone!

  2. Despite Khairul's less than glowing assessment ;) I think we got some great entries/participation this year. With some better promotion, I'm sure next year will be even bigger!

  3. Wow very cool! Congratz on the win. That space wolf was awesome