Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Chimera COMPLETE!

Huzzah! Considering this is the first 28mm scale vehicle that I've weathered, I'm really pleased with the results. Comments/criticism are welcome!


  1. That looks realy sweet! nice and subtle, with some cool small touches here and there. i take this will be the standard for the rest of your krieg mechanized? should be awesome.

    This is way more progress than my AirCav ... i managed to drybrush the repainted parts today ...

  2. That is one sexy tank.
    Now I am tempted to try camo strips on my chims...

  3. Beautiful tank! Nicely done! I wish I had your skills DeathKorps! =D

  4. That is one sweet looking Chimera! Nicely done dude!

  5. Super awesome s#!t!

  6. Thanks guys- your kind posts are much appreciated!

    @Azlan- You should paint up something new for your AirCav dude and post some pics!! :)

    @Wong- Thanks for the post- if you do come up with a new camo scheme be sure to post about it on your blog (which I only discovered yesterday!)

    @Jinn- There he is!! How you been dude?

  7. That is pimp dude!!! Really nice!!!
    Love the weathering u did to the tank numbers. Nothing beats airbrush to get that smooth painted on effect.
    Did u use sponge to get the effect on the numbers??

    Truly inspiring man. Well done!!!

  8. Yes indeed I used a torn up blister pack sponge for the paint chipping with VMC German Grey. In the bigger chips I then stippled VMC Hull Red inside them, and then finally painted VGC Gunmetal Metal inside many of the chips. It was pretty easy, all things considered. I think the most time was spent doing the umber pin washes on each rivet, and the masking for the airbrush work :)

  9. Love the searchlight! Some beautiful airbrushing!