Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back From Malacca

I'm baaa-ack!

I had a fantastic time over the last two days. My wife and I really got into the whole tourist thing and did a lot over the course of two days. We took a river sightseeing cruise that involved monitor lizards and almost getting run down by another tour boat operator who wanted to pass. Good times.

I had chicken rice balls on Jonker Street, checked out the ruins of A Fomosa (above), took a dip, walked around, and generally relaxed and lived it up with my gorgeous wife Lena. Fantastic.

As soon as we got back, within minutes I was assembling French Infantry (much to Lena's amusement). Here's what I finished tonight:

All six stands of 81mm mortars, along with the 60mm mortar attached to the Company HQ.

All four 75mm MLE 1897 guns from the Horse Drawn Artillery Battery. I also put together one of the cool ammo tenders. These bases are going to look SWEET when they're done. They really did a great job sculpting these guns!

Now that I type it I guess it's not a whole lot, but hey, I just got back. Tomorrow I'll post up my first official Hobby Rush Report, including the full diagram of what needs to be painted for success. Thanks for checking in, and I hope your weekend was as cool as mine...

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  1. welcome back! sounds like a great time was had ... Malacca is always about good times in my book ... looking forward to the next hobby rush report