Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Krieg Progress

I added the color blue to show models that have "serious painting progress". Gotta stay motivated!

I thought these three lately Krieg troopers were a lot farther along, but I guess I was wrong. I worked on them for a couple of hours. All I have left to do is airbrush the matte varnish and paint the bases. The rest is done.

One thing about this new painting style is that pictures look mercilessly awful. I attest that these dudes look a lot better in person. Maybe I'm deluding myself. Who knows.

I'm reasonably happy with the controversial melta bomb conversion. The pic is little off because there's a wash on there that's still a little juicy. I also didn't get the hazard striping perfectly edged and straight, either. Argh.

I like the running dude. Cool sculpt, and the painting is coming nicely as well.

Finally, the crouching dude. Another wicked sweet sculpt, and this pic shows off the company decal nicely

With any luck, I'll finish these dudes tomorrow and start building the last six models of the squad. Once I finish a full squad of ten, I'll treat myself to the Engineer Squad and Hades Drill I just got in the mail. Until tomorrow folks...


  1. Great job Jeff. Keep it up.
    Can't wait to see more.

  2. Speaking of which, what+how did you airbrush a matte varnish?..tutorial please :p

  3. @Vuel- Dude! I've already told you this twice- you even went looking for odorless mineral spirits lol. Here's the post you want :)


  4. Actually, I bought the mineral spirit for airbrush colour blending with Tamiya paints :D

    Seen the article, will go & look for that bottle of Matte ASAP (somehow I missed that blog post of yours)..thanks dude!

  5. Dude using mineral spirits for Tamiya paint is a bad idea- they are alcohol based acryclic paints. I would definitely use either Tamiya thinner or denatured alcohol. Has the mineral spirits actually worked?

  6. Adelaide is cold bro! Can't wait for my sister to bring my hobby tools so I can start work on me army. Contemplating starting Fantasy, but I can't decide. How's things with you? I really love the DK paint scheme. Keep it up bro.

  7. Nice progress dude! Hope to see the originals on Friday